Bin bag sculptures highlight public's 'blind indifference' to homelessness

A series of sculptures have been placed around Cardiff to highlight the public's awareness of homelessness.

Homelessness and rough sleeping charity The Wallich teamed up with artist Maxwell Rushton to create a collection of sculptures in which casts of previously homeless people were placed around the city centre in bin bags.

Over four days, these sculptures were placed around Cardiff to show public reaction.

Reactions to the series of sculptures named 'Chrysalis' ranged from concern and worry, to disdain and assault of the sculptures in some instances.

But according to the charity, the biggest reaction was ''blind indifference.''They want to raise awareness of homelessness and say that it is on the rise.

Figures from the Welsh Government show there has been a 45% increase in rough sleeping since 2015.

To create the casts, four participants of Behind The Label, a theatre show written and performed by people who have experienced homelessness sat for the artist.

Marcus was one of the performers who sat for the artist Credit: The Wallich

Markus was one of the performers who sat for Rushton.

''To stand back and look at the sculpture, it's a smack in the face because you know it's you.'' Markus said.

''It makes you feel vulnerable and seeing people's reactions to it as well, you can see it's powerful.''

Kev, who also sat for Rushton, said, “It kind of brought back the feeling of being lonely when I was on the streets.”

The sculptures will be on display alongside a series of videos at the Wales Millennium Centre on Wednesday November 27.