A fox was saved from drowning on Saturday night at Swansea Docks.

The Associated British Ports (ABP) pilot boat crew were working when they spotted the fox trying to cross the lock gates. The fox then accidentally slipped from the gates and fell into the sea.

The crew had to act fast as the fox was struggling to get out onto the dockside and was close to drowning.

Crew member, Steve Batcup, managed to manoeuvre the pilot boat towards the fox and drop the 'man over board' platform down for the fox to climb onto and get out of the water.

The fox slipped from the Swansea Marina lock gates into the water Credit: ITV Wales

As the tide was low, they were unable to get the fox ashore immediately so they had to continue with their trip to collect a pilot from a ship.

The RNLI said: "this is probably the first time a fox has been for a trip at sea around Swansea Bay."

Finally, the pilot boat returned to Swansea Docks safely and the fox made it to safety.

"The fox happily jumped off and ran away, with a little look back at the pilot boat crew, almost as though he was saying thank you."