Two horses had to be rescued after sinking into a sand while riding on the beach.

Claire Healy, 32, was with her daughter Megan Bew, 14, in Merthyr Mawr , near Bridgend when the incident happened last week.

Claire was riding along the beach when her horse began to sink into the sand. She said: "It was on the way back up to the car park. He collapsed and just couldn't get back up. The ground had sucked him up."

"I have never ever seen anything like it before and we go up there a lot. I have spoken to a lot of people about it and they said they have never heard of it."

Claire was riding her racing horse and her daughter had a racing pony.

Claire described the experience as "awful" which left her daughter screaming in fear

Claire called 999 for help whilst they tried to get them out of the sand.

She said they were stuck for around an hour before they eventually managed to save them. The experience was described as "awful" and it left her daughter "screaming in fear".

Claire said she posted the pictures on social media to "make people more aware" of the dangers on the route.

"I've never seen anything like it. I know a lot of people in the racing industry. I don't know what it was - it could be because we've had so much rain. It's quite scary."

The horses were rescued and have now fully recovered from the incident.

The horses have been rescued and are not hurt