Since August, Nick's car has been his home.

While temperatures outside can plummet below zero degrees at night, Nick - not his real name - is thinking of his two children and his partner.

I've got my double sleeping bag here, got my pillows at the back, I've got to wear a hat to go to sleep to keep my head as warm as possible. If it gets really cold I've got to put the heating on - but can't do it too much because of wasting fuel. It was -2C this morning. I finished work and my car was frosted - so you can imagine what it's like inside.

Nick has been living in his car since August

Nick's wife, Katie - also not her real name - is currently living in temporary accommodation with their two sons.

The family were evicted from their rented home in April.

When Katie suffered an injury, she could no longer work. But, their landlord said they did not accept payments through universal credit due to insurance reasons.

After spending some time living with family, they moved into a hotel and now Katie and the boys are in a hostel while they wait for a home.

They say it's cramped, noisy and not suitable for their needs.

Katie broke her foot which meant she was unable to work

"It is really hard, it's my kids I feel sorry for", Katie said.

"It's getting harder. At the moment my eldest sleeps on a mattress on the floor and as a mum, knowing your son is sleeping on the floor, it's quite hard to take.

"He shouldn't be doing that at his age - it's no life for a kid."

Nick is unable to stay with his family because he earns enough money in his job which makes him liable for rent, but Nick says he does not earn enough money to cover all of his family's costs.

"Most of my money goes on the car - so for me to reduce my hours and wage, it's not easy for me to do that."

Across the UK, there is an average of five homeless children for every school in the country.

Their story comes as latest figures revealed a child became homeless every two hours in Wales last year.

Housing charity Shelter Cymru predict 1,600 children in Wales will be homeless and living in temporary accommodation this Christmas.

"I want my children to be safe, I want to look after my partner", Nick said.

"It's such a drain, emotionally, physically, mentally."

"My biggest fear is something happening to my children", Katie said. "I don't want them to have long lasting health problems from this. I want them to be safe and secure.

"This time last year, we were - it doesn't feel like Christmas this year".