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Welsh Liberal Democrats launch manifesto with promise to stop Brexit and tackle climate change

The room was largely empty as Jane Dodds made her speech Credit: ITV Wales

Welsh Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto for Wales in Merthyr Tydfil.

Speaking to a largely empty room, Welsh Liberal Democrats leader Jane Dodds joked that she was pleased to see that her party's activists were all out campaigning.

Tackling a climate emergency is among the biggest priorities for the party with a pledge to provide money to insulate every home and cut emissions by 2030.

They also made a pledge to restore funding for Swansea's tidal lagoon.

Credit: ITV Wales

The party have set out a plan to recruit more teachers as part of an extra £560m for education.

For the Welsh NHS, the party have promised more money to give mental health the ''same urgency as physical health.''

Speaking at the launch, Jane Dodds described the manifesto as a ''well costed moderate manifesto about meeting the needs of wales''

She also renewed the party's pledge to stop Brexit.

Our manifesto is a bold but achievable plan to build a brighter future for Wales, and that starts with stopping Brexit.

We know that any form of Brexit will be bad for our economy, bad for our NHS and bad for our environment. While Labour and the Conservatives squabble about who gets to implement their idea of Brexit, we’re offering people the chance to vote to make Brexit stop.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit, but we will also provide free universal childcare to parents, invest in our schools to give our children the best possible start in life, give our health and social care services the resources they need to provide top quality care, and take ambitious action to tackle the climate emergency.

For too long our politics has been governed by division, deception and fear. This election gives you the opportunity to vote to change the future of our country, to build a better and brighter future. You can start Wales on that journey by electing Welsh Liberal Democrats on December 12th.

– Jane Dodds, Welsh Liberal Democrats Leader