New Clean Air Plan to tackle pollution in Wales

The Welsh Government has launched a 12 week consultation that looks into ways to improve air quality by targeting domestic wood and coal burners, stoves and car emissions.

Air pollution remains the largest environmental risk to the public’s health causing up to 1,400 deaths in 2017. It can shorten and damage the quality of life as well as our biodiversity and economy.

The 'Clean Air Plan for Wales' is proposing a range of new actions such as monitoring air outside schools and hospitals.

Speed limits were introduced to lower emissions Credit: PA Images

It will also involve assessing the impact of bonfires, fireworks and wood and coal domestic burners.

They also suggest £60 million over 3 years for local authorities to work with communities to develop a safe network for walking and cycling.

£60 million to develop a safe network for walking and cycling Credit: PA Images

They will investigating how to reduce personal vehicle emissions with road pricing, Clean Air Zones or Low Emission Zones and encouraging electric cars.

Finally, planting trees and hedges can support air quality improvement.

Lesley Griffiths has said this plan provides a "national framework within which all areas of society can work together."

Plans are already in place to demolish one of the UK's most polluted streets in Hafod-Yr-Ynys, Crumlin and speed limits on motorways have been introduced to lower emissions.