How, where and when to vote in Thursday's general election

With only days to go before the 2019 general election, voters in Wales are being reminded of some important things they need to keep in mind on polling day, this Thursday, 12 December

1. Make sure you vote in time. Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm.

2. Casting your vote should only take a few minutes but polling stations can get busy.Especially towards the end of the day, and sometimes there can be a queue. If you arrive at your polling station and are in a queue waiting to vote at 10pm, you will be able to vote.

3. Check your poll card. This will tell you where your polling station is. You can only cast your vote at the polling station stated on the poll card but you don’t need to take your polling card with you to vote although it can speed up the process.

4. If you haven’t received your polling card, or have lost it, then contact your local electoral services office to find out where your polling station is.You can find their contact details by using the post-code checker:

5. Take your postal vote to your polling station and hand it in if you haven’t had a chance to post it in time.

6. You don’t need to take anything with you to the polling station. However, if you do take your poll card with you, it helps to speed up the process.

7. A pencil will be provided in the polling to booth to mark your ballot paper. You can use your own pen if you prefer but make sure the ink is dry before folding your ballot paper.

8. You must not be accompanied into the polling booth by another adult.Unless they are also registered at the polling station or if you have a disability, in which case you can take someone in to help you or ask one of the polling station staff for their help. Children are welcome at polling stations.

9. Remember don’t take a picture of yourself inside the polling station. If you post this on social media it could be a breach of the law.

10. Animals, apart from assistance dogs, are not usually allowed inside polling stations.They will need to be secured outside if you do decide to take them with you.