Two people from Wales have been found safe after being wrongly listed as missing in the New Zealand volcano tragedy.

Holidaymaker Anne Hewell, 65, appeared on an official Red Cross list of missing people after the eruption at White Island.

But Anne, of Cwmbran in Gwent, had not taken the ferry across to the island and had instead stayed where her cruise ship was moored up at Tauranga.

Her worried son Gavin Williams, 40, had reported his mother as missing and feared the worst, but said she was now safe and well.

Mr Williams said: "She is safe and sound. We have spoken to her last night and she was on another part of the island.

"She stayed where the boat was moored up in another part of Tauranga.

"It was very worrying until we heard from her."

Conditions on the island remain too dangerous for rescue workers. Credit: PA

Relatives of those thought to be caught up in the disaster registered their loved ones' details on a missing persons list in an effort to ascertain their whereabouts.

Ian Evans said his brother Matthew Evans, 38, originally from Carmarthen in Wales, who was one of the Britons listed as missing, is also safe and well.

Mr Evans said: "He was travelling with his new wife, he was trekking at the time and we were concerned because we hadn't heard from him for 24 hours.

"But they are safe. They were in the North Island, away from the Bay of Plenty.

"They said they had no idea what had gone on."

Eight people are missing presumed dead. Credit: PA

White Island volcano death toll rises to six as two Brits remain in hospital

Two British women are among around 30 people taken to hospital following the incident on Monday, many of which have suffered serious burns, while eight people are missing presumed dead.

Survivors described how tourists were forced to run into the sea to escape the clouds of thick black ash and scalding vapour.

Conditions on the island remain too dangerous for rescue workers to attend on Tuesday, with a 50% chance of another small eruption, but officials said flyovers had revealed no signs of life.

Many were passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Ovation of the Seas.