Ultrasound footage from the first ever pregnant rhino in Wales has been released.

Folly Farm's six-year-old eastern black rhino, Dakima is expecting her first calf. They hope it will help increase the population of what is a critically endangered species.

There are thought to be fewer than 650 Eastern black rhinos left in the wild - and just 88 in captivity across Europe.

Dakima and Nkosi, the expectant parents Credit: Folly Farm

As Wales' first baby rhino the zookeepers turned to horse vets at Cotts Equine who had access to a large ultrasound scanner.

Unsurprisingly it was the first time equine vet Graham Fowce had performed an ultrasound on a rhino.

The anatomy of a rhino is similar enough to a horse so, when I was asked about an ultrasound, I was confident we’d be able to do it.

Graham Fowce

Dakima is expected to give birth in January 2020 and for the past few months, they’ve been baby-proofing the enclosure and preparing birth plans.

Tim Morphew, zoo curator at Folly Farm, says Dakima's pregnancy is going well.

Credit: Folly Farm

She’s a healthy weight and we can see the baby moving around in her stomach which is pretty cool.

Tim Morphew, zoo curator

It is thought that Dakima conceived in October 2018, after slowly being introduced to eight-year-old Nkosi.

Folly Farm’s Kifaru Reserve is a £500,000 purpose-built exhibit which they say reflects the zoo's commitment to conservation.