Boris Johnson paid a visit to a factory in Wales in a final election push ahead of Thursday's vote.

The prime minister's campaign took a festive turn as he visited a factory in Hengoed that designs Christmas wrapping paper and crackers.

He helped box up rolls of wrapping paper before joining staff at IG Design Group in pulling crackers.

Mr Johnson started the day by playing the role of milkman during a visit to a farm in Leeds as the campaign tour entered its final hours.

Mr Johnson began his day in Leeds with a photo-opportunity delivering milk Credit: PA Images

During his visit to Caerphilly, Mr Johnson said the Conservatives want to win "every seat we possibly can" and "we can go forward and get Brexit done... investing massively including transport and infrastructure. But, we can only do that if we get Brexit done".

On his previous visit in Leeds, Good Morning Britain reporter Jonathan Swain attempted to ask the prime minister during that visit to appear on the ITV morning programme.

Mr Johnson's head of press Robert Oxley can be heard saying, "oh for f***s sake".

Mr Swain later says to Mr Oxley, "Do you want to tone your language down as well because people are watching this this morning".

He then asks if the PM would appear on the programme, to which he replied, "Of course I will".

Mr Swain later asked for an interview again to which Mr Johnson can be seen walking into a fridge with staff from the business park.

ITV Wales' Political Editor Adrian Masters was at the prime minister's visit in Hengoed but was denied an interview with the prime minister.

Here's what he said during a television interview carried out by BBC Wales:

All leaders of the main parties spent Wednesday engaged in a frantic last drive for votes as both Tories and Labour described it as the most important in a generation.

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All of the parties' leaders are engaged in a final last drive for votes Credit: PA Images