Mark Drakeford admits 'some responsibility' over Labour's election performance in Wales

First Minister Mark Drakeford has admitted he has ''some responsibility'' over Labour's defeat in the general election.

It comes after the number of Conservative seats in Wales almost doubled.

Speaking to ITV News, Drakeford said: ''I do take some responsibility for it, of course I do.

''I'm the leader of the Labour Party here in Wales.''

The Welsh Labour leader put the blame on the dominance of Brexit during the campaign which he believes overshadowed other issues effecting Wales.

''We were always struggling to persuade people that there was a Welsh dimension that they should put first in their thinking.'' he said.

Meanwhile, in his first interview since his defeat at the polls, Jeremy Corbyn denied he was at the heart of Labour's election loss.

Corbyn denied he was at the heart of Labour's crushing election defeat Credit: ITV

With Welsh Assembly elections due in 2021, the dramatic outcome of this general election may cause worry for Welsh Labour.

But a defiant Drakeford says it will be ''easy'' to win support after voters have experienced a year with a Conservative government.

''I think it will be easy to persuade people in a year's time when they see what this Conservative government is going to be like.

''They'll see that they'll need a powerful Labour government here in Wales standing up for them.''

After the election result, the Prime Minister spoke with Mark Drakeford over the phone. During the conversation he ''made clear how the UK is strongest when all four nations unite and work together.''

Labour lost six seats in Wales as the Conservatives swept to victory in one of the party's biggest election victories in decades.