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Nine puppies found dumped in lane days before Christmas

Credit: Many Tears Animal Rescue

A litter of tiny puppies have been found dumped in a box in a lane days before Christmas.

The box of nine puppies in total were found in Llanelli on Monday morning and have been rescued by Many Tears Animal Rescue centre to find new homes.

The puppies are a mix of colours but all believed to be Springer Spaniel crosses Credit: Many Tears Animal Rescue

"It’s so sad to think that they’ve been dumped just two days before Christmas and we have no idea how long they were left outside - it could have been all night. We are hoping they will have their happily ever afters soon!", Sarah from the rescue centre said.

They believe the puppies, which are all Springer Spaniel crosses, are around eight weeks old.

They will be available adoption in the next few days.