Campaign launched to tackle hidden homelessness

A new campaign has been launched to tackle hidden homelessness by raising awareness that "homelessness doesn't always live on the streets".

The Welsh Government said the aim is to bring to light the problem and is targeted at young people who may be at risk of or already experiencing homelessness.

Research suggests people overwhelmingly connect homelessness with rough sleeping only - which is not the case for most young people experiencing homelessness.

It can refer to those sofa surfing, staying somewhere temporarily like a hostel, night shelter or bed & breakfast.

Those experiencing hidden homelessness are more likely to be at risk of exploitation, particularly young people.

Shelter Cymru say identifying the problem early on is a priority.

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Signs to look out for to help identify people who could be homeless:

  • They may be having difficulties with their relationships with their parents and close family members;

  • They may be reluctant to go home - spending lots of their time outside; in public places that offer shelter and connection to wifi - for example train stations and cafes; staying late at their education setting or jobs;

  • They may be keeping belongings with them and have problems with keeping clothes clean;

  • They might be asking for help with money and using food banks;

  • They may have lost their job;

  • They may be experiencing physical or mental health problems.