Ex-Wales international Richard Parks breaks own British South Pole record

Former Wales rugby player Richard Parks has broken his own British record in completing a solo expedition from the coast to the South Pole.

The explorer battled hunger and some of the worst weather conditions Antartica has seen in recent years to finish in 28 days.

Credit: Richard Parks

He had originally set out to beat a world record of 24 days, one hour and 13 minutes, set by Norwegian Christian Eide.

But despite missing out on that target - and only packing 25 days worth of rations - Parks battled freezing temperatures and worsening weather conditions to finish.

Credit: Richard Parks

He also becomes the first person to complete a solo coast to pole journey more than once.

The former Wales rugby international is no stranger to extreme challenges.

In 2011 he became the first person to climb the highest mountain on each of the seven continents and stand on the North and South pole in the same calendar year.

Three years later Parks became the first Welshman to complete the coast to pole journey in Antarctica solo, setting a British record time of 29 days, 19 hours and 24 minutes.

He had set out to beat the world record last year but was forced to cut his expedition short after seeking medical advice.