A quarter of a million people in Wales are living without essential household appliances like fridges or washing machines, according to a national poverty charity.

There are calls for more targeted financial support for families who are unable to pay for basic white goods.

The charity Turn2us says its research shows 104,000 households, or 249,600 people in Wales are living without essential household appliances.

Nearly 14% of Welsh people are living without at least one item.

Its report also highlights the financial, physical and emotional consequences experienced by people living without these basic essentials; especially families and individuals affected by more complex physical and mental needs.

In total across the UK, at least 4.8 million people are living without basic items such as fridges, freezers, cookers and washing machines.


people living without a cooker across the UK


people living without a freezer across the UK


people living without a fridge

The Welsh Government says its providing money to tackle the issue of poverty in Wales.

We are committed to tackling poverty and inequality in Wales. The Discretionary Assistance Fund has provided almost £57m to help people in extreme hardship and we are helping families meet day-to-day costs through such flagship schemes as free prescriptions, the childcare offer, PDG Access and free school meals.

A Welsh Government spokesperson

The charity says the report highlights the scale, impact and causes of living without basic items.

Household appliances are not luxuries, they are essentials. Everyone deserves the simple right to store their own food, cook their own dinner and wash their own clothes

Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive at Turn2us