Horse falls foal of police and ushered to safety on Cardiff bus

Police were left wondering 'how to lead a horse to water' after one of the equine animals decided to stirrup trouble on a busy Cardiff road.

The horse was ushered onto a bus bound for the Heath Hospital to keep it safe after it got loose on the A48 Eastern Avenue on Thursday evening.

Two young women who were driving along the A48 first spotted the horse and shortly after the bus pulled over to assist.

One of the helpers posted an account on facebook and said: "Honestly, I don’t actually know to calculate my night so far..."

"...driving home from getting some noodles and go past a horse right up against the central reservation on the A48, it was soggy and shaken up so obviously stopped.

"Somehow we managed to stop the traffic with the assistance of some lovely people and some arm flailing on my behalf. Got the horse calm and listening.

"Then the bus driver asks “shall we put the horse on the bus?” Well why the f* not drive, take it away!

"So I get this horse on the bus, drive it to the bus depot and let it go on it’s merry way after christening him Harley Pony-son. Will be back with my debut on South Wales Police Twitter at a later date."

Credit: South Wales Police

There was traffic in both direction on the busy Cardiff road after a number of horses escaped onto the carriageway between A4161 Southern Way and A4232 Pontprennau.

The horse was safely escorted from the vehicle and is now thought to be in a stable condition.