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Mum saves newborn's life after watching Dr Ranj on This Morning

Danielle managed to save her baby's life after watching Dr Ranj on This Morning

A mum from south Wales saved her newborn baby's life following advice she learnt from Dr Ranj on This Morning.

Danielle Sampson noticed something was wrong with her baby's breathing within half an hour of taking him home from hospital.

She used the "rescue breaths" she had seen the doctor talk about on the programme about two years ago in order to keep baby Fletcher breathing.

Fletcher was treated at the Princess of Wales Hospital and is now living at home and healthy three months on.

Danielle says she noticed 'something was not right' with Fletcher's breathing within half an hour of bringing him home. Credit: Family Photo

29-year-old Danielle realised something was wrong with Fletcher's breathing when they arrived back at home in Gilfach Goch a day after he had been born.

Fletcher Jack Williams was born weighing just under 6lbs after 68 hours of labour. At the hospital there had been no signs that his airways were blocked.

Danielle said as a mother she had "an instinct that something was not right" with Fletcher's breathing. One of Danielle's other sons has cystic fibrosis so she is hyper aware to respiratory issues.

She now knows that one of Fletcher's nostrils was blocked with mucus and he was exhausting himself trying to breathe through the other nostril, as babies mostly breathe through their nose.

He was really lethargic and I tried to breast feed him but he would not latch because he couldn't feed and breath at the same time, he wasn't getting enough oxygen.

– Danielle Sampson
One of Danielle's other sons has cystic fibrosis so she is hyper alert to breathing problems. Credit: Family Photo

Fletcher's breathing was rapid and one side of his nostril looked sunken.

Danielle said she tried to pull the mucus, which is common in the first 24 hours after a baby's birth, from his nose. Fletcher then inhaled deeply to compensate for the lack of oxygen previously, which caused the blockage to become stuck again. That's when she started to panic.

Her and her partner, Fraser Williams, then made the decision to take their baby to the nearby Princess of Wales Hospital.

Whilst on their way there, Fletcher started to deteriorate and "his little body went limp"

Danielle said she was desperately trying to keep her baby alive but about ten minutes away from the hospital, he went limp.

He was lifeless, his eyes were rolling at the back of his head.

I was tapping his bottom, and flipped him over on his belly just to get him to gasp but that is when I remembered they don't breathe through their mouth.

And it just came to me instantly to do the rescue breaths.

– Danielle Sampson

Danielle explained she had seen the rescue breathes with Dr Ranj on This Morning.

At first she only breathed into his mouth gently as she was "scared to do it too strong just because he was so small [she] didn't want to hurt him."

After carrying out the breathes, Fletcher eventually exhaled as Danielle had managed to dislodge the mucus. She carried on with the breathes until they arrived at the hospital.

They rushed Fletcher to A&E where he could be given oxygen and an ECG.

Danielle said if she hadn't remembered seeing Dr Ranj demonstrating the rescue breaths she doesn't know what she would have done.

I've just got to thank Dr Ranj, and This Morning for putting the clip out, just for a couple of minutes to raise awareness, to help me really, because if it wasn't for that I just don't think he would be here today. Because that's what saved him.

– Danielle Sampson

And here is the moment, live on ITV Wales, where Danielle got to thank Dr Ranj:

After three days in hospital, Danielle and Fraser were able to take their baby home again. Doctors initially thought Fletcher may also have cystic fibrosis but he has only been confirmed as a carrier of the gene.

Three months later, Fletcher is healthy and living at home and has not suffered any long term effects of what happened.

I was just terrified and just thought - I can't lose him.

– Danielle Sampson
Fletcher is now healthy and living at home and has not suffered any long term effects of what happened. Credit: Family Photo

Here is the clip from This Morning of Dr Ranj in action:

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