Welsh Hollywood actor Luke Evans to star in new ITV drama about 'The Bullseye Killer' John Cooper

Welsh Hollywood actor Luke Evans is set to star in a major new ITV drama about the Pembrokeshire murderer John Cooper.

The three-part series about the serial killer, who appeared on the ITV game show Bullseye before he was caught, is being made by ITV Studios' World Productions - the makers of Bodyguard and Line of Duty.

The story is based on Welsh serial killer John Cooper

The filming is about to get underway on the drama which tells the real-life story of how a small team of Welsh detectives finally brought Cooper to justice. Acclaimed actor Luke Evans takes the lead role of senior detective Steve Wilkins.

Jonathan Hill followed the case of John Cooper

The drama is based on the book Catching the Bullseye Killer by Steve Wilkins and ITV Wales news presenter Jonathan Hill.

Jonathan Hill, who is also an executive producer said, "It's a huge thrill to see such a gripping Welsh story brought to a UK audience with such amazing talent behind the project. This incredible story touched so many lives that it was really important that it was developed in a sensitive way."

The drama is based on a book written by ITV Cymru Wales presenter Jonathan Hill

Following a cold case review and developments in DNA and forensic science, John Cooper, was convicted in 2011 of shooting dead Peter and Gwenda Dixon on a coastal path in Little Haven, Pembrokeshire in 1989.

His appearance on Bullseye was used as crucial evidence to match him to witness descriptions.

He was also found guilty of murdering sister and brother Helen and Richard Thomas in their home near Milford Haven in 1985.

On being cast in the drama, Luke Evans said, "It is a privilege to be playing the role of Steve Wilkins in The Pembrokeshire Murders and working again with Simon Heath, his team at World Productions and ITV.

"It’s a huge responsibility for me as the drama depicts a true crime which to this day still affects the families of those whose lives were tragically taken.”

Keith Allen will play the role of John Cooper Credit: PA Images

Filming alongside Luke Evans are Keith Allen as John Cooper and David Fynn as Jonathan Hill.

The mini-series is written by Nick Stevens (In Plain Sight) directed by Marc Evans (Manhunt, Safe House) and produced by Ed Talfan (Hinterland, Hidden) for Severn Screen.

ITV's Head of Drama Polly Hill said, “Nick Stevens script is a fascinating and insightful account into how and why the Dyfed Powys Police team reopened this cold case and brought a serial killer to justice after he’d evaded capture for nearly two decades. I have wanted to work with Luke Evans again since we made The Great Train Robbery, which Simon Heath and World Productions also produced. I’m delighted that The Pembrokeshire Murders is that project, as Luke will be incredible as Steve Wilkins and this is going to be an unmissable drama for our ITV audience.”

The Pembrokeshire Murders (Working Title) is a World Production for ITV.