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Cardiff charity supported by Prince Harry faces uncertain future over Royal's decision to step back

Prince Harry became patron of Dolen Cymru in 2007 Credit: PA

A Welsh charity say they fear for their future as they wait to hear whether Prince Harry will continue as their patron.

Dolen Cymru, a charity based in Cardiff, works with communities in Lesotho. Since their founding, they have helped provide education, hygiene and mental health support to communities in the area.

Harry and Meghan made the decision to step back from Royal life and will stop carrying out royal duties from the spring, leaving the charity uncertain over Harry's future association with them.

Prince Harry on a visit to Lesotho Credit: ITV Wales

The Prince became patron of Dolen Cymru in 2007 and works to promote the charity's work.

He has indicated that he will continue all his patronages, but the charity are still waiting for confirmation.

Veronica German, Executive Director of Dolen Cymru, says the Prince has been a good friend to the charity.

''We haven't heard anything directly as a charity, only what we've read.'' Veronica said.

''The impression seems to be that he will carry on but we don't know. We just very much hope that he will carry on because he's been a good friend to us and a good friend to Lesotho.''

Veronica German says losing Prince Harry would impact the charity's ability to fundraise Credit: ITV Wales

As a small charity, the Prince's support provides a much needed global platform for the organisation.

''We're always living on the edge, we just get through and we're reliant on our volunteers.' Veronica said.

''If we were to lose him, it would definitely have an impact on our ability to fundraise.''

The charity hope the changes in Prince Harry's life will not affect his commitment to their cause too.