Pupils praise 'maths whisperer' teacher after entire class achieves A* in GCSE

A school in Cardiff is celebrating after an entire class achieved A* in their maths GCSE, after sitting the exam six months early.

The Year 11 group at Fitzalan High School now refer to teacher Francis Elive as "the maths whisperer" as some of the class even came close to achieving full marks

The school is based in Leckwith, Cardiff

Tiger By Juniors FC said on Twitter: "Fitzalan and our pupils making history again

"Francis is a legend of a teacher. This is a great achievement for our local school. This is an indicator of the direction we are heading. Onwards and upwards."

Another said: "As much as I’m a believer of it not being all about grades, this is an awesome indictment of the pupils, their teacher and the school as a whole. Well done, everyone."

The Fitzalan Maths department said: "We couldn't be prouder of this class and Mr Elive. They've demonstrated that preparation, hard work and dedication pay off."

The school says raising achievement of "all its pupils" is a "top priority" and it aims to be one of the top achieving schools in Wales.