Cardiff's 19th century Vulcan pub being rebuilt brick by brick

The Vulcan Pub in Cardiff was one of the city's most loved landmarks.

It was built on Adam Street in 1853 to serve the Irish community of what was then called 'New Town.'

Attempts to keep it open were unsuccessful until a decision was taken to dismantle the building in 2012 and restore it to its former glory at St Fagan's Museum - brick by brick.

The Vulcan' was one of Cardiff's most recognisable Victorian pubs Credit: St Fagans: National History Museum

People will once again be able to order a drink once it's finished in the next three years.

Builders are restoring the pub back to glory - brick by brick. Credit: ITV Wales

When finished it'll have the original tiles on the front - the same windows that saw generations walk by.

Watch our reporter Hamish Auskerry's report here: