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Man who led police on 'dangerous' high speed chase jailed

Credit: North Wales Police

A man who led police on a "dangerous" high speed chase has been sentenced to a year in prison and banned from driving.

Sam Charles White from Anglesey failed to stop for police in June of last year.

Police officers have described his actions as "an appalling act of dangerous driving."

White pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, failing to stop and to possession of cannabis at Caernarfon Crown Court. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison and banned from driving for two years.

He failed to stop on the A55 near Llanfairfechan and then continued to drive at speed towards Anglesey.

Police were eventually able to deploy a stringer and the van came to a stop at Pensarn.

Video credit: North Wales Police

This was an appalling act of dangerous driving and it was only by good fortune no one was seriously injured.

It is worrying that some motorists feel they can behave in a totally reckless manner when they take to the roads. The pursuit happened over many miles where White drove dangerously and at speed, overtaking on solid white lines causing other vehicles to take evasive action.

He not only risked his own life, but also risked the lives of others that night.

– Sergeant Meurig Jones, Roads Policing Unit, North Wales Police