'Inevitable' federal future for UK predicts Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy visiting Mold Credit: ITV News

The Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy has said that the United Kingdom is 'inevitably moving towards a more federal system.'

Her comments follow a call for a federal future for the UK earlier this week from another contender, Sir Keir Starmer.

During a visit to Mold, Lisa Nandy told ITV Wales:

We're inevitably moving towards a more federal system. When we [Labour] offered devolution when we were last in government it was always intended to be the start not the end of that process and I think we've seen over the last few years particularly around Brexit, that clamour for more control, more agency, more power is felt in every part of the United Kingdom, in every nation and region. So Labour has to take that seriously but in order to take that seriously we have to recognise that a small group of people sitting behind a desk in central London is not going to be able to deliver the answers and the change the country needs.

– Lisa Nandy MP

The party's General Election manifesto promised to set up a constitutional convention to look at such matters.

In his remarks earlier this week Sir Keir Starmer said a shake-up is needed because 'the status quo is not working.'

He added that 'We need a new constitutional settlement: a large-scale devolution of power and resources. This will involve building a new long-term political and constitutional consensus. I believe that could best be built on the principle of federalism.'

Nandy and Starmer aren't the only leadership candidates calling for further powers for Wales and Scotland.

Rebecca Long-Bailey told a leadership hustings that the devolved parliaments should be 'on an equal footing' with Westminster. "I'm always going to argue for the union," she said. "But I want our Scottish parliament and our Welsh parliament to feel as completely autonomous and independent as they possibly can whilst having that collaborative relationship with Westminster."