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Schoolboy 'wrapped in cling film and gagged by children's home staff'

A teenage schoolboy was wrapped in cling film and gagged with tape by two children's home staff, a misconduct hearing has been told.

Richard Burnell and Kyle Johnson allegedly bound the 15-year-old's legs and arms with kitchen wrap and put packaging tape over his mouth at the home.

Social services were alerted after the teenager's mother found photos and videos of the incident on his social media account.

A 15-year-old's arms and legs were bound by cling film and his mouth was covered by packaging tape.

A Fitness to Practice hearing was told the pair were also caught on video telling the teenager to "f*** off".

The two project workers were working at Arthog Children's Home in Gwynedd when the boy was put in for a 30-day emergency placement.

The video allegedly showed the teenager sitting on a sofa with cling film on around his arm and legs.

His hands and feet are tied together and there is a tape across his face covering his mouth.

– Delme Griffiths, Presenting Officer

The hearing was told it happened on New Year's Eve in 2018 in a caravan where the teenager was being housed.

Mr Griffiths said: "We say the video and the comments made speak for themselves.

"It would always be inappropriate to tie and bound a young person in this manner.

"By its very nature, this is an inappropriate act in any circumstances."

The hearing was told the teenager claimed the workers had been "having a laugh" and did not want to take matters further.

Police found there had not been any emotional abuse and no charges were brought.

Videos also showed the two workers swearing at the teenager in the caravan while music is playing.

Burnell can be heard saying: "Don't be f***ing mate, I swear I'll smash your phone. I'm not even joking."

He also said: "Don't be f***ing Snapchatting s*** and that.

"I'm not saying f*** all whilst he's got his phone in his hand."

The home is said to have 33 staff and houses seven young people on short term placements up to 90 days. Some of the youngsters are in crisis and take part in activities while staying at the home.

The hearing was told Johnson had not yet undergone safeguarding training because there was a shortage of staff at the training company.

The Social Care Wales hearing in Cardiff is expected to last three days.