• Warning: article contains graphic image of the dog's injuries

A small dog was left fighting for its life after being attacked by strays while out on a walk.

Four-year-old chihuahua Lenny was being walked by his owner in Llansamlet when he was attacked by two other dogs.

His owner, Kristy John, said: “I was out walking Lenny when he was viciously attacked by a couple of stray dogs. They almost tore him apart.

“I was kicking them to make them stop, and he lost a lot of blood. I took him to the vets afterwards and it did not look like he was going to make it. He had a lot of wounds and his heart rate was very high.

“He had a bite to his groin, and initially we thought he might have had internal injuries.

“The vet told me me they didn’t think he would make it, but he has proved us all wrong and is fighting to get better every day.

“He actually had a lucky escape, but it was a very emotional time. I was shaking all the way home”.

Lenny was left needing two operations and three procedures under anaesthetic following the attack in January.

Lenny's injuries required two operations and three procedures under anaesthetic Credit: Media Wales

The veterinary bills have cost Ms John thousands of pounds.

She said: “I have insurance up to the amount of £7000 but I have been made aware by my vet the bill is now just over this and will continue to rise for the time he is receiving treatment.

“I do work, but it is part time hours and money is a struggle.

“Lenny is still at the vets receiving treatment and pain management. I visited him yesterday and he is managing a few steps which is great news.

“But he still has a very long way to go as he has a very large open wound in his groin area which is going to take months to treat and heal”.

The two dogs which attacked Lenny are described as medium build cross breeds.