How much support is there for Welsh independence?

Since October 2019 the joint ITV Cymru Wales/Cardiff University Welsh Barometer Poll has been asking this question:

If there was a referendum tomorrow on Wales becoming an independent country and this was the question, how would you vote? Should Wales be an independent country?

The poll is conduced by YouGov of around 1000 Welsh people.

The latest results for January 2020 are:

The rest said they wouldn't vote of refused to answer the question.

This page will track the response to that question over time.

It will show the 'yes', 'no' and 'don't know' replies.

It is intended for those interested in the subject, researchers or media organisations looking for independent data on the issue.

As part of the poll a similar question is also asked which includes options for giving the Assembly more or fewer powers or abolishing it all together:

Thinking about the National Assembly for Wales, which of these statements comes closest to your view?

The results for January 2020 are:

  • There should be no devolved government in Wales - 17%

  • The National Assembly for Wales should have fewer powers - 8%

  • We should leave things as they are now - 24%

  • The National Assembly for Wales should have more powers - 18%

  • Wales should become independent, separate from the UK - 14%

  • Don’t know - 16%

  • Refused - 3%

This page will be updated when further polling is done.