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People ignore safety warnings and seen 'risking their lives' for Storm Ciara selfies

People were seen ignoring advice from emergency services over the weekend and "risking their lives for a photo" as Wales was battered by Storm Ciara.

Despite warnings, many people braved the winds and rain to try and grab a selfie or take dramatic pictures of crashing waves.

As Storm Ciara hit, people were asked by emergency services to avoid sections of the Welsh coastline.

Porthcawl is one spot where high winds routinely batter the coastline, whipping up large waves and as a result people head there to watch storms.

The RNLI set up a 24-hour live stream for people to see the waves and asked would-be storm watchers to stay at home.

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But many ignored the strong winds and high waves to visit the Porthcawl coastline and take photos.

Stormy conditions may be tempting to watch but big waves can easily knock you off your feet.

The sea is far more powerful than you think and your chances of survival are slim if you are dragged into the swell. Our volunteer lifeboat crews will always launch to rescue those in danger at sea, but to launch into conditions like these could also put their lives at risk.

We understand why people want to experience extreme weather, but it’s not worth risking your life, so we strongly urge people to respect the water and watch from a safe distance. If you see someone else in trouble in the water, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Don’t enter the water yourself as you could also end up in serious danger.

– Stephen Jones, Launch Authority at Porthcawl

Mumbles' volunteer Coastguard team had to issue reminders about the dangerous conditions after people were seen on the cliffs and being hit by high waves.

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A surfer was spotted in the water off the coast of Criccieth in Gwynedd as gales reaching more than 90mph struck the north Wales coast.

Surfer seen entering water at Criccieth during amber storm warning. Credit: Media Wales

Criccieth was badly hit by the major storm, with the sea walls taking a battering from the gales.

Parts of the flood defence were smashed to pieces during the storm, with large blocks strewn across the promenade.

Credit: Media Wales

The coastguard has warned people to steer clear of the coast today if possible due to the conditions.

Torrential downpours and the strong winds have caused major flooding in communities across the region, with damage caused to buildings in several places.

A number of roads have also been closed due to flooding and fallen trees.

Train passengers are being advised to check with operators before travelling as there are likely to be some cancellations to early trains as Network Rail engineers work through the night to assess the damage.