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Banned driver who smashed into fellow motorist during 120mph police pursuit jailed

Amritpal Thandi hit speeds of up to 120mph Credit: South Wales Police

A banned driver who smashed in to a fellow motorist and narrowly avoided more collisions during a high speed police chase has been jailed.

Dashboard camera footage captured Amritpal Thandi hitting speeds of up to 120mph as he led police on a 14-mile pursuit.

The 31-year-old first caught the attention of a traffic officer as he dangerously overtook a car at Culverhouse Cross in Cardiff.

The officer subsequently put on their blue lights and siren, but Thandi continued to pick up speed, hitting 90mph through the village of St Nicholas where he ploughed in to the side of another car as he sped through the middle of the carriageway.

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Failing to stop after the crash, he continued to speed along the A48, crashing through traffic cones in Cowbridge.

Despite a second traffic vehicle joining the pursuit near Pentre Meyrig, Thandi continued to try and evade the police, descending Crack Hill at 120mph.

He then narrowly avoided a second collision on Waterton roundabout, before undertaking a lorry and driving through a red light.

After clipping the central reservation and puncturing two tyres, he continued to travel at speed through further red lights as he struggled to maintain control of the vehicle.

Despite officers forcing a stop on Cowbridge Road, Thandi then attempted to flee on foot.

He was found hiding behind a wall on Coychurch Road, where he was subsequently arrested.

Thandi was found by police hiding by a wall Credit: South Wales Police

Thandi, from Netherton, Dudley, was jailed for 18 months after being convicted of dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and drug possession, following the incident on July 21 last year.

During sentencing, he was also given a further driving disqualification for two years – which will begin once he’s served his sentence – and told he will be required to take an extended retest before he can get behind the wheel.

PC Liam Buttle, officer in the case, said: “Amritpal Thandi showed a complete disregard for the safety of others on July 21. Not only was he already banned from the roads, he drove in a completely careless and dangerous manner, contravening numerous traffic laws.

“It is only sheer good fortune that no-one was seriously hurt that day; the occupants of the car he collided with were left extremely shaken by the incident and the thought of what could have happened to them. Several other motorists will have also undoubtedly been left shocked at the near-misses they encountered.

“I’m pleased that the courts recognised the gravity of Thandi’s offending, and I hope that his time in prison affords him with the opportunity to reflect on his utter selfishness and reckless actions.”