Care home residents' heartwarming advice to younger generation

If someone asked you to live your life over again, what advice would you give yourself?

That is the very question residents at Willowbrook Care Home in Cardiff were asked to answer, with some heartwarming advice for the younger generation.

Kathleen talked about the importance of mutual respect Credit: Willowbrook Care Home

The home, which looks after 110 residents who are between 50 and 96, is based in St. Mellons in Cardiff.

Bethan Murray, activities coordinator at the home, said, "Our residents all need a bit of help day to day. Some have been diagnosed with Dementia, others may have cancer or be recovering from a stroke, but we always try to keep them busy and interested in the day."

Wise words from Dot who says not to take life too seriously Credit: Willowbrook Care Home

Staff at the home organise activities for the residents including pet therapy and sing-alongs with babies, and day trips.

Muriel, Credit: Willowbrook Care Home

We have Willowbrook school visit regularly too - we just try to keep everyone living, rather than just existing.

Bethan Murray, Willowbrook Care Home worker
Viv, 85, gives some relationship advice Credit: Willowbrook Care Home
Brian, 86, urges others to see the world Credit: Willowbrook Care Home