Why you should never drive or walk through floodwater

Floodwater can be dangerous and, with Storm Dennis having caused problems for communities across south Wales, emergency services have been warning people not to drive, walk, or let children play in it.

It takes just six inches of fast flowing water to knock a person off their feet and two feet will float a car.

Floodwater can rise very quickly so it's advised never to walk on sea defences or river banks and be aware that bridges may be dangerous to walk or drive over.

It can hide fallen trees, and also cause manhole covers to come off.

Floodwaters can contain many things that harm your health. It can be contaminated by sewage, chemicals and animal waste which can make you vulnerable to infectious diseases.

A car trapped by debris carried by floodwater, on the road outside the Aberdare Hotel in Mountain Ash. Credit: PA

What if I do come in contact with floodwater?

  • Wash the area with soap and clean water as soon as possible.

  • Take care of wounds and seek medical attention if necessary.

  • Wash clothes contaminated with flood or sewage water in hot water.

  • If you must enter floodwater, wear rubber boots, rubber gloves, and goggles.

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