Multi-millionaire Wetherspoons owner travels to Barry to save pub carpet

A multi-millionaire travelled 200 miles to Barry in a bid to save a pub carpet.

Wetherspoon owner Tim Martin, 64, is refusing to rip up the carpet - after the town council blocked permission to use its historic coat of arms in the pile.

Mr Martin's pub put the town's crest in their bar carpet in Barry - the town famous for TV favourite Gavin and Stacey - in a £715,000 revamp.

He has been ordered to rip it out or face legal action over the design featuring two unicorns and a dragon.

But Mr Martin says the rug row is the most "extreme" in Wetherspoon's history.

Credit: PA Images

Mr Martin, reportedly worth £448m, met Barry Town Council councillors in private to discuss the use of the town crest in The Sir Samuel Romilly pub.

Tim Martin noted that there had not been a situation this extreme in JD Wetherspoon’s history and felt that it was important to reach a resolution.

Barry mayor Cllr Margaret Wilkinson

The council meeting was held in private but details were released later.

Councillors agreed to wait for a letter from JD Wetherspoon stating options for a resolution.

The coat of arms was patented and granted by the Sovereign - the Queen's father George V1 - in 1939.

It features the words "Caderndid Cyfiawndeb Cynydd" - Welsh for "Stability Justice Progress" - under the two unicorns, a boat and the Welsh dragon.

Mr Martin previously said the dispute could be taken to the ancient Court of Chivalry first set up in the fourteenth century.

There’s been a bit of argy-bargy over the carpet in the pub and we have had correspondence with the council.

Tim Martin

The Conservatives' leader in the Vale of Glamorgan said the argument was "nonsense".

We need to put a stop to this nonsense, get on with our lives and start working on things that actually matter to our residents.

Leader of the Vale Conservatives, Cllr Vincent Bailey

The decision will be made at a later date.