Welsh Conservative leader's £40,000 costs in Nick Ramsay case revealed

The leader of the Welsh Conservatives agreed to pay £40,000 in costs and a nominal £2 in damages in settlement of his legal dispute with one of his AMs.

Nick Ramsay had sued Paul Davies but the two men reached agreement earlier this month, bringing the case to an end.

As well as the payments, a High Court order declared that the parties agreed that Mr Ramsay ‘was never lawfully suspended’ from the Conservative Assembly group.

Mr Davies had taken the action after Mr Ramsay had been arrested at his home in Raglan in Monmouthshire at around 8pm on New Year's Day.

He was released from custody the following afternoon, with Gwent Police stating that he would face no further action, but he wasn't readmitted to the group at that time.

In an unusual case, the AM then sued the Assembly group leader, Paul Davies and at an initial hearing in Bristol on 31st January Judge Jonathan Russen QC ordered the suspension to be lifted ahead of further hearings.

He’d said, “In my judgement, it is appropriate that he is restored to the membership of the group.” Mr Ramsay’s lawyer, David Lock QC had argued that Mr Davies "lacked the power" to maintain the suspension and had not conformed to the rules of the group's constitution.

Following that decision Nick Ramsay returned to his role in the Senedd but difficulties remained within the Conservative group with Mr Davies staying away from group meetings on legal advice.

The two men announced that they had reached agreement on 13th February with both saying they were pleased the matter had been resolved. At the time, Mr Davies added that it was “clear that there is a need to review the disciplinary processes within the Welsh Conservative group in order to ensure that they are fit for purpose in the future."

Neither the Welsh Conservatives nor Nick Ramsay wished to comment on reports of the details of the agreement.