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The Treforest allotments devastated by flooding during Storm Dennis

The allotment was devastated by flooding during Storm Dennis Credit: ITV Wales

A clean-up operation is under way at a plot of allotments devastated by flooding in Treforest in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Water surged from the River Taff during the storm, destroying crops at Tin Plate Works allotments. Some sheds were lifted from their fixing and dumped on their roofs.

One allotment owner said three of her geese and 20 of her chickens were killed in the flooding.

The clean-up comes after Rhondda Cynon Taf was one of the hardest areas hit during flooding brought on by Storm Dennis last weekend.

Julie lost many of her animals during the flooding Credit: ITV Wales

Julie Bliszko has had a plot at the allotment for 10 years, raising geese and chickens on her little piece of land.

''I've been here for 10 years and this was everything,'' she said.

''If I ever had a spare second of the day I was here. There's a lot of retired people here. This was their outlet''

On the day of the flooding, there was no time for Julie to save the animals in her care.

Nearly a week since the storm hit, she is only now able to recover the animals she lost. Three of her geese and 20 chickens were killed during the flooding.

Many allotment owners in Treforest now fear they will never be able to return.

Others are doing all they can to salvage what is left of their patches - it's a hard slog, with years of love and attention destroyed by water in minutes.

The local community in Treforest has rallied around to help with the clean up.

It will take many more weeks and months, even years to restore Tin Plate Works allotments to what it once was.

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