A mum whose baby died just a few minutes after being born is celebrating what would have been his fifth birthday by handing out gift bags to strangers as a 'random act of kindness'.

ITV Cymru Wales presenter Andrea Byrne was given one of the bags, which contained children's presents and a poem, for her one-year-old daughter Jemima by an ITV cameraman.

The cameraman had received the bag from a stranger, but did not know who it had originally come from.

The poem read: "I am glad you have found this little gift, it's from my mam and dad.

"You see today would have been my 5th birthday and they are a little sad.

"It would make me really happy if you would take me home. Have fun and enjoy this little gift, so they don't celebrate on their own. Love Oliver."

After a Twitter plea to find the family who originally sent out the bag, Kayleigh Iles, from Tonypandy, got in touch to say she was Oliver's mother.

Credit: Kayleigh Iles

Kayleigh Iles lost her son, Oliver John Shephard, in February 2015, after giving birth to him at 22 weeks and 4 days.

Oliver was born weighing just 1lb 2oz, but sadly died three minutes later.

To mark his birthday, Kayleigh Iles has been handing out bags full of children's gifts to strangers.

She also fundraises for SANDS and SiMBA, two charities that work to support anyone affected by the death of a baby.

We were told that there was nothing anyone could do to help our baby as he hadn't reached 24 weeks. The support we received from the midwifes and the hospital was amazing and truly helped with everything we went through.

Kayleigh Iles
Andrea and Kayleigh met for the first time on Monday.

On Monday, Andrea and Kayleigh met for the first time after Andrea's search to find Oliver's family.

Appearing on Wales at Six, Kayleigh told Andrea: "This year was the start of something new.

"A lot of people kind of walked away - they didn't really want to pick up something that was unknown, that was strange, even though it was just a "Happy Birthday" balloon."


"Then when they actually picked it up it was amazing."

"The excitement was overwhelming. [My sons] sat in the car and we hid behind the seats and we watched people pick them up, and they were laughing and giggling on a day that would otherwise have broken me."

Two recipients of the six bags Kayleigh sent out are yet to be tracked down.