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Luke Evans hails NHS staff after dad 'almost lost his fingers'

Pontypool-born actor Luke Evans went to Morriston Hospital in Swansea after his dad injured his hand with a saw. Credit: PA Images

Welsh Hollywood actor Luke Evans has praised NHS staff after his dad "almost lost his fingers" in an accident.

The Pontypool-born star took his dad to Morriston Hospital in Swansea after he injured his hand with a circular saw.

He said one surgeon worked beyond his shift to reconstruct his dad's fingers in surgery that lasted five hours.

"From the second we got there we were looked after by very kind people, nurses, carers, porters, surgeons, anaesthetists, all of which had already worked a very very long day when we arrived."

Luke Evans, who grew up in Aberbargoed, is currently filming in Wales for a major new ITV drama about the Pembrokeshire murderer John Cooper.

In the video posted on social media, he described NHS workers as "superheroes".

"Yes, it's massively in debt, yes it doesn't function as well as it should, yes, there are many problems.

"But the people that keep the NHS going, I met many of them over the last four days in this hospital, and they're all superheroes."

Luke Evans has previously said he tries to get back to Wales as much as possible in between travel.

The Beauty and the Beast star explained how his dad relies heavily on the use of his hands.

"You've not only saved my dad's hand, you've saved these incredible fingers which have built houses, they've built fences, walls, fireplaces. My dad wouldn't have survived well without his hands and you saved them."

"I want to say thank you to them and thank you to their families for allowing them to do what they do.

"The amount of time they must miss [with] their family members that work in hospitals and work through Christmases and birthdays and weddings and funerals and all the other things that these people sacrifice to do their job.

"So just a shout-out to anybody that works for the NHS, from the people that empty the bins, people that save the lives, you're all amazing and I'm very grateful for you all."

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