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Welsh and UK Governments to 'work together' over coal tip safety

Credit: ITV News

The Welsh and UK governments have called together all the bodies responsible for the safety of old colliery waste tips.

It comes after a number of landslides following heavy rain during Storm Dennis raised fears about the safety of old coal tips in the valleys.

Immediate inspections were underway after people living close to them told ITV News they were concerned a more serious incident could happen.

Mark Drakeford visited the site in Tylorstown after a landslide happened there

The First Minister said geotechnical engineers had been at the site in Tylorstown, which experienced a large landslip, to monitor how much the mountain has or is moving.

In a statement following a meeting with a number of authorities and organisations, information will be provided to people living in the south Wales valleys about the safety of local tips.

There will also be a "joint plan of action" after the partial collapse of a tip in Tylorstown.

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The Welsh and UK Governments said they will jointly co-ordinate the work and another meeting will take place next week.

I met the Secretary of State today (Monday) to discuss how our Governments can work together to ensure coal tips across Wales are being managed responsibly.

I want to reassure people living close to coal tips across Wales that we are taking this situation seriously and we will continue to keep them informed.

– Mark Drakeford AM, First Minister

Following the unprecedented weather conditions and flooding brought by recent storms, urgent work is being carried out to asses any risk posed to people or property and to confirm that everyone with a legal responsibility around the tips is fulfilling their safety obligations.

Authorities and agencies involved are working together and good progress is being made on this vital work.

– Simon Hart MP, Secretary of State for Wales