A housing community in Newport has been badly affected by Storm Jorge with some residents forced to be evacuated due to flooding in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Five couples in Blaen y Pant Crescent in Newport were horrified to find water rising through the floor of their homes yet again last night. They have been flooded by every major storm this year.

Four residents were moved to a nearby hotel whilst the others stayed to clean up and try to salvage their belongings.

Resident Barbara Andrews says she feels

Resident Barbara Andrews has described the experience as "horrendous and terrible".

"When it happened to us before I was traumatized. I just want to get out. I can't cope with it anymore... I feel sick with worry."

Barbara Andrews
The water came up through the carpets as well as from outside

The flooding started at 11pm on Friday and Barbara hoped that sandbags would prevent the water spreading. But in the early hours of Saturday morning the flooding became much worse.

What iss more, her husband Gerry is not in good health and is finding the frequent flooding and upheaval a real strain.

Their carpets and flooring have been totally ruined and all their personal belongings have been moved into one dry bedroom.

The housing association Pobl Group had been on site since 3am assisting the residents. In a statement from the association, they confirmed a small number of residents have been moved to a local hotel.

Our priority is understanding what has caused the flooding and returning homes to a suitable condition as soon as possible so residents can return.

Neil Ingham, Pobl Group

However for Barabara she has had enough and is keen to move from the area as soon as possible. She told ITV Wales that their flats cannot be insured either as they have been built on a floodplain.

Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis and Storm Jorge have caused chaos and devastation in parts of Wales with the Met Office calling this February the wettest on record.