Brains unveils plans to sell 40 pubs and cut jobs

Wales' leading brewer S A Brains & Co Ltd have unveiled plans to sell up to 40 pubs and cut jobs as part of a three year plan to 'future-proof' their business.

The brewery pointed toward 'uncertain economic times' - caused by the UK's withdrawal from the EU and increases in the National Living Wage - as a factor in their decision.

Brains have said there will be job losses and employees at the pubs set to be put up for sale have been informed.

The majority of Brains pubs are in Wales and ITV News has contacted Brains to find out which pubs are set to be sold.

Credit: PA

Brains was founded in 1882 and has recently moved from it's historic site in Cardiff city centre to the new Dragon Brewery facility in Cardiff Bay.

The company says this multi-million pound investment is a sign of it's commitment to brewing in Wales.

The Duke of Cambridge unveils a plaque while officially opening the new Brains brewery in Cardiff in 2019. Credit: PA

The announcement was made on the same day a new law setting a minimum price for alcohol in Wales was introduced.