200 tonnes of rubbish removed from Cardiff Bay following Storm Dennis

Around 200 tonnes of rubbish has been removed from Cardiff Bay following Storm Dennis.

Cardiff Council said on average they only remove 500 tonnes across a whole year.

They have been cleaning up the water on the edge of the capital city over the past two weeks.

Storm Dennis caused severe flooding across Wales, damaging homes, businesses and train lines. Since then, the First Minister has pledged up to £10 million in emergency funding for flood victims.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will make more money available to Wales to help with the clean-up and repairs if the Welsh Government can show that it is needed.

The River Taff, which feeds into the Bay, runs through many of the areas in the south Wales Valleys that were badly hit by flooding.

Debris was then carried by the water and ended up deposited in the Bay.

200 tonnes is about as heavy as thirty African elephants.

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In the space of two weeks, Cardiff Council removed almost half the yearly average of rubbish from the Bay. Credit: PA Images

After three named storms in the space of a month, the Met Office officially declared February as the wettest on record.