Wrexham drive-through coronavirus testing centre location condemned

Wales' first drive-through coronavirus testing centre has been condemned for its location by local residents.

The centre, opening in the old car park of a clinic in Rossett, Wrexham, will see patients tested without the need to leave their cars.

But nearby residents are concerned that the chosen venue is in a built up area and close to a local school.

The criticism comes as two more people have tested positive for coronavirus in Wales, bringing the total number of cases to six.

The testing centre is being opened near St Peter's Church-in-Wales Primary School.

A letter was sent to nearby residents from Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

The protecting clothing worn by staff carrying out tests will be removed from the site daily.

This kind of testing centre is expected to be the first of many opened across Wales.

But Garry Brereton, who lives nearby, said he is in disbelief about the choice of location.

"I can't believe they have put something like this in the centre of a busy village next to my children's primary school," he said.

"A mobile unit away from homes would be better - off a motorway or something, certainly not in the middle of a residential area.

"I'm not trying to scaremonger...it just seems ridiculous.

"I want it to be moved away from here."

The Welsh Government said those who are suspected to have the virus should contact the NHS before attending any centre.

Other locals have expressed their concern on social media and in discussion forums.

One said: "They absolutely have no evidence to support this statement (that there is no increased risk) as this is a totally unprecedented situation.

"Of course there is increased risk. How can there not be when they are directing anyone who they feel may have the virus into Rossett?"

Another wrote: "The Countess of Chester hospital site has a totally separate entrance, yet this is placed in a small street with poor exit/entrance never mind being located next to a school.

"Everyone has the right to lobby against this given the valid concerns being raised."

But one woman said: "Get a grip folks. Good parking, receive your test and drive away. No risk to anyone else."

Another commented: "Someone will moan wherever they do it, I suggest just get over the matter and carrying on our with our lives."

The Welsh Government said: "People who meet the criteria for suspected coronavirus cases should contact the NHS on 111 before attending any testing centre.

"They will be assessed and directed to attend a centre, if appropriate."