Inside the hand sanitiser factory where demand has 'gone crazy' since the coronavirus outbreak

A hand sanitiser manufacturer in Denbighshire says business has "gone crazy" since the spread of coronavirus prompted a surge in demand for its products.

McKLords in Bodelwyddan supplies hand sanitiser and disinfectant to large retail and industry sector companies.

Since last Tuesday the company has seen demand for its products soar - and currently has in excess of 2 million hand sanitiser units on order.

Business has 'gone crazy' since last week

Bosses have ramped up production in an attempt to meet demand, ordering three new machines and taking on 14 extra staff members in just four days.

"Historically we would do 5 or 6 million bottles a year", said Richard Lord, co-director of the company.

"Over the last 10 days or so we've had orders in excess of 2 million, so that just gives you an idea of the increase in volume that we've experienced."

The company has taken on 14 extra staff in the past four days

The company says its reliance on UK based suppliers means it's in a good position to increase production in line with demand.

"We've only ever sourced in the UK, we have three main suppliers and I think as a result of what's going on now it's been very favourable for us because we're not relying on stuff to be shipped from abroad... everything we do is sourced from the UK", said Richard.

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Co-director Sarah Lord says despite increased demand, there are no plans to increase the price of their products.

She told ITV Wales the most important thing is to get the products out there "to look after people."

"We're very ethical as a company... it's important to us, the reason of the product", she said.

Many shops and supermarkets have sold out of hand sanitiser following a surge in demand Credit: PA

Sales of hand sanitiser across the UK have rocketed since the public were advised to wash their hands regularly to stop the spread of Covid-19.

The current NHS guidance is to wash hands with soap and water often- for at least 20 seconds - and to use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water is not available.

373 people in the UK have now tested positive for the virus, and six people have died.

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