People stuck at home are sharing pictures of their cat and dog coworkers

Homeworking and self-isolation are increasingly becoming the norm as we attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19.

And while staying at home is not always easy, a plus side is getting to spend more time with your pets.

To share the comfort a feline or canine companion can bring, lots of people are taking to Twitter and Facebook to share their pictures.

Here's a selection of our favourites...

Annie Lou Bowen's dog, Daisy May, checking out her makeshift desk Credit: Annie Lou Bowen / Facebook
Penny the cat getting involved in an office conference call Credit: Mike Griffiths
Margo the cat helping Annabelle Merralls with her work today Credit: Annabelle Merralls
Sarah Johnson's cat perched on her desk Credit: Sarah Johnson / Facebook
Natalie Hopkins' dogs keep her company in Cwmbran Credit: @NatalieHopkin2 / Twitter
Bessie the cat, keeping an eye on her owner who is working from home Credit: @yayadav11 / Twitter

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