Here's a list of all the key staff listed as 'essential' to the coronavirus response

A list of workers including police, food producers, delivery drivers and NHS staff have been named as "essential" to fighting the coronavirus response.

The UK Government's Department for Education announced the key list on Friday as people have been told to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines to try and control the spread of the virus.

The purpose is for children of these "essential" workers to be prioritised for schooling during general closures because of coronavirus. Schools are being asked to continue to provide care for a number of children who fall into this category.

All frontline health and social staff are key to combating the coronavirus outbreak. Credit: PA Images
  • Health and social care workers

Doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers, care workers, and other frontline health and social care staff, including volunteers.

  • Education and childcare

Teachers, nursery staff and social workers.

  • Key public services

Those running the justice system, religious staff, charities and workers delivering key frontline services. It also includes journalists and broadcasters in public service broadcasting.

  • Local and national government

Administrative staff essential to the COVID-19 response, or delivering essential public services like benefits payment.

The key workers list include police, supermarket staff, teachers and public transport workers. Credit: PA Images
  • Food and other necessary goods

Anyone involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery.

  • Public safety and national security

Police, Ministry of Defence civilians, armed forces workers, fire and rescue staff, National Crime Agency staff, border security, prison and probation staff and other national security roles.

Rail staff who will keep transport in operation are classed as "essential." Credit: Transport for Wales
  • Transport

This includes those who will keep the air, water, road and rail passenger and freight transport modes in operation during the coronavirus response.

  • Utilities, communication and financial services

Essential staff to keep the oil, gas, electricity, sewerage and water sector running. Key staff in the civil nuclear, chemical and telecommunications sector, along with postal and delivery services plus essential workers in the financial district.

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