Video shows Valleys family coping with social isolation

A woman from Merthyr Tydfil has posted a video of herself running errands for her elderly parents who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Melanie Lewis filmed herself dropping off requested items to her parents' house in Pen-y-Darren, Merthyr Tydfil.

After posting a newspaper through their letterbox, a shoehorn carrying money emerges from the other side of the door.

In the video, Melanie said: "Frances in Bill in isolation again. My chore today was to try and get some corned beef and some evaporated milk."

The health minister acknowledged that self-isolating for long periods can have a negative impact on mental health. Credit: PA Images

The video, posted on Melanie's Facebook page, has received thousands of likes and shares.

One Facebook user commented: "Brilliant. Typical Valleys."

Another said: "Oh that's brill, Mel, lifts the spirit big time. Keep them coming."

The family are among many others who have been separated by self-isolation.

Everyone in Wales has been told to follow social distancing guidelines as governments try to control the spread of coronavirus.

But certain groups and those with underlying health conditions have been told to strictly adhere to those measures to ensure they are further protected.

Social distancing vs self-isolation: The official guidance on staying safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

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