'It's been a weird week': Man with cerebral palsy on life in self-isolation

A disability campaigner is keeping a video diary of his time in self-isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.

Joshua Reeves, who is a campaign support officer with the charity Leonard Cheshire, said he hasn't left his flat since last Monday, except for the odd breath of fresh air outside his front door.

He said he is making the diary because he wants to see "whether I can cope through it all."

Joshua - who also founded the disability campaign 'Don't Call Me Special' - is a wheelchair user.

He lives in an assisted living flat in Cardiff alongside other disabled adults with complex needs. He told ITV Wales that he usually does his own food-shopping, but that he'll now be relying on his dad to deliver his groceries.

Joshua said he wants other disabled people to get in touch with their experiences of self-isolating during the coronavirus crisis.

The UK Government has advised all people over 70 and those with underlying health conditions to stay at home for 'some weeks.'

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