The 79-year-old sharing home workout videos to keep fit during self-isolation

A 79-year-old from Cardiff has been sharing home workout videos on social media to encourage others who are self isolating to keep fit.

Shirley Stone is urging people to keep moving as much as they can, even if just from their armchairs.

"I had a bad fall, so I went to hospital to learn to balance and the physios gave all us old dears these exercises", Shirley told ITV Wales.

"And I thought oh I know, I'll put it on Facebook!"

  • Watch Shirley's home workout video below

It has been just over a week since people over the age of 70, or anyone classed as vulnerable, was advised to stay at home for 12 weeks to protect themselves against the coronavirus outbreak.

On Monday evening, the prime minister Boris Johnson went further by announcing a lockdown of the UK for three weeks to limit the spread of the virus.

Shirley is staying positive despite the challenging times, and has advice for others to keep their spirits high.

"I keep saying to people open your blinds, right up, let the sun come in your house. Even if you've got to put an extra coat on, open your patio doors.

"Get dressed in the morning, put a bit of slap on your face.

"Don't wear any slippers, wear nice soft shoes. Walk upright. Just little things that we can be doing ourselves.

"Because at the end of all this, we'll either end up with a chiropractor, or on antidepressants!"

  • Watch Shirley's interview from Monday's Wales at Six

Shirley says she currently spends a lot of time on social media, but finds it helps to keep her connected with others.

"I get on people's nerves on Facebook", she said.

"I'm always on it, but it gives me the outside world."

And her message to everyone during these unprecedented times?

"Let's all stick together!"

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