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Little girl who drew pictures of support for NHS receives heartfelt letter from doctor

A little girl who placed drawings of support for the NHS in the window of her home was thrilled to receive a heartfelt letter from a doctor.

Six-year-old Belle Powell decided to show her support for healthcare workers during the coronavirus outbreak by drawing pictures of a rainbow and a heart with 'NHS' written in the middle.

She then displayed the pictures in the front window of her family home in Cardiff, and a few days later Belle received a heartfelt letter from a medic expressing their gratitude for her support.

Belle is one of many to show her support for the health service in this way

The anonymous letter, signed S.K, said: "I was walking past your house last night and feeling very sorry for myself when I saw your drawing (Heart NHS) and it cheered me up.

"I have not seen my mum and sister since Christmas now and I have not been able to go back to London as my colleagues had the virus over the last four weeks."

The letter goes on to say how the doctor will not see their family for the foreseeable future after volunteering to work on the virus ward at their hospital.

Belle stuck her drawings of support to the NHS on the front window of her family home

The letter continues: "I volunteered for it as I am relatively young and healthy and I became a doctor to help. So what a better opportunity to volunteer and show my worth, right?

"I was very scared last night and I was wondering if it was all worth it. Wondering if I was brave enough to do it as I have not done this sort of medicine for many years.

"Your little drawing made it all feel better and worth it."

The anonymous writer said Belle's drawings 'made it all feel better and worth it'

Belle said when her dad read the letter to her, she was very excited.

"It made me feel happy," she said.

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Belle's parents, Duncan and Rachel, are hopeful they will be able to meet the NHS worker who posted the letter through their door when the coronavirus outbreak is over.

"Me and Belle were doing a jigsaw and singing along to Cerys Matthews when we heard the letter box rattle.

"After she got the letter her face lit up, I have never seen her happier than in that moment. The first thing she did was put another letter on the window to say 'Good luck SK.'

"She is a very kind little thing and always does things and makes things for other people. My wife Rach started to cry and it was just a very touching moment.

"The NHS are on the frontline with this, showing our appreciation in this way is the least we can do," said Duncan.

The first thing Belle did after receiving the doctor's note was to put another letter on the window to say 'Good luck SK.'

Mum Rachel said her children Belle and Evan decided to draw the rainbows after seeing a post on their school's Facebook page.

They are one of many households across the country showing their support for the NHS in this way.