27-year-old dad with coronavirus symptoms dies ten days after birth of son

A young dad died after showing coronavirus symptoms just ten days after the birth of his son.

Thomas Davies, 27, fell ill last Friday during his last shift at theAlbion Inn, in Bangor.

His mother said he had been self-isolating after developing a cough, body aches and cold sweats. However, he was found dead by his partner, Rhiannon Elias, on Thursday at their Penygroes home.

He had no prior health problems.

Thomas had symptoms of coronavirus before he passed away on Thursday. Credit: Family photo

Today, his mother said she and her family were unable to comfort each other in their grief because of social distancing.

"We can't embrace each other and I can't even comfort my family because I can't see them", Mandy Davies said.

Credit: Family photo

His partner Rhiannon has now been told she must isolate with her children, Dylan, four, and newborn Morgan, for the next fortnight.

Ms Davies is hoping to launch a fundraising campaign to help pay for her son’s funeral costs. as she is no longer working.

In a post on social media, she said, "This is no joke, take it seriously. This is a young lad, with a life in front of him and a young family. Don’t let your kids out playing.

"Keep your distance, it’s just not worth it, stay at home.''