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Builder pens heartfelt poem urging people to stay at home as NHS workers battle coronavirus pandemic

Credit: Derek Davies

We have all heard the official advice, stay at home and wash your hands, but one 60-year-old from Port Talbot has come up with his own way of getting across that important message.

Derek Davies is a self-employed builder and, like many people, is currently unable to work. Strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus mean that all non-essential businesses have been told to shut their doors and people must stay at home unless for a few select reasons.

Derek is also an amateur poet and decided to use those talents to show his support for NHS staff.

I felt I needed to help in some way so I wrote the poem in support of the NHS and everyone who is playing their part in this. We all need to stay at home to give the emergency services the time and space to help others.

– Derek Davies

Watch Derek read his poem here:

Stay Derek Davies

Stay safe you nations of the world

All around this echoed cry

Against a foe that seeks its prey

Our moment now is thy.

This danger touches all our lives

It marches on exploiting

An enemy so silent lay

Its makeup soul destroying.

Stay safe you people of the world

Protection is the key

Look after those that need us most

With hope our victory.

Stay safe this now our battle cry

Give doctor's, give nurses time

To do the job of saving lives

That difficult hard front line.

We need to play our part in this

We need to stay at home

To stop the spread of sickness

To stop the virus roam.

Stay safe you good folk of this land

We all can play our part

This enemy will be defeated

Then our lives can then restart.

– Derek Davies

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