Year 10 and 12 pupils will not need to sit exams at a later date, Education Minster confirms

Year 10 and year 12 students who were due to sit their exams this summer will not be required to sit them at a later date, the Education Minister has confirmed.

Schools and colleges across the UK closed, and summer exams were cancelled following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Soon after, Kirsty Williams said grades for year 11 and 13 students would be based on assessments and exams already completed, but no further decision was given about those in year 10 and 12.

On Friday, Kirsty Williams said Year 10 student's grades will be based on evidence including teacher assessments during the academic year to date - the same way as those in Year 11.

Pupils were due to sit units that would lead to GCSE results next summer will not receive a unit result. Instead, those learners will have two choices, to either:

  • sit only the units they plan to take in summer 2021, with their GCSE grade based on that performance only;

  • or sit the Year 10 units in summer 2021, along with the Year 11 units. They will be awarded the best grade from either route.

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A similar stance has also been taken for year 12 students taking AS levels.

In Wales, AS levels are both stand-alone qualifications and also contribute to A level qualifications. AS units are usually taken in Year 12, with A2 units taken in Year 13.

They will still receive an AS grade, and it will also be calculated using a range of evidence, including teacher assessed grades.

Next summer, current AS pupils will have two options for their A level award. They will choose whether to:

  • only sit the A2 units, with the A level grade based on their performance in the A2 units;

  • or sit both the AS and A2 units. They will be awarded the best grade from either route.

Kirsty Williams, the Education Minister, said it wasn't an ''easy decision'' but wanted to give clarity to students who were anxious.

Both Qualifications Wales, and WJEC, who have been working with the Welsh Government, welcomed the decision as ''the best approach during difficult circumstances.''

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